Introducing our exclusive DMV Assistance Service – your hassle-free solution to never waiting in line again at the Nevada DMV! Let us handle the DMV hassle for you – simply pay us to take care of it, saving you time and frustration! Here’s what you’ll get:
VIP Treatment: Ditch the wait and step right into our office with your registration documents ready to roll!
Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable staff will ensure you have all the necessary documents, saving you from any last-minute surprises.
Peace of Mind: Relax knowing that your DMV tasks are taken care of efficiently and accurately, leaving you free to focus on what matters most to you.
Time Savings: Reclaim your valuable time – no more wasted hours at the DMV. Spend it doing what you love instead!
Say goodbye to DMV headaches and hello to convenience. Our DMV Assistance Service gives you peace of mind. Don’t let confusing government requirements get in the way of your day – experience the difference today!

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Our most Popular Services

Title Transfers

Buying a car privately can be a confusing process; you might wonder what you need and where to sign. We’re here to simplify everything for you. Simply walk into our office with your title, whether it’s a Nevada title or an out-of-state title, and we’ll handle the rest. Your name can be transferred onto your new vehicle within just a few days!

Out of State Dealership Purchases

Are you a recent purchaser of a vehicle from a dealership outside of Nevada, seeking License Plates & Registration? Allow us to assist you by verifying the payment of sales tax and expediting the issuance of your new plates and registration before the week concludes.

Nevada Dealership Purchases

Purchasing a car from a dealership can indeed be an anxiety-inducing experience, but when it comes to getting your new vehicle registered, there’s no need for added stress. Simply step in with your Electronic Dealer Report of Sale (EDRS) and Insurance ID card, and let us take care of the rest with ease and efficiency!

Handicap Placard & Handicap Plates

Ready to skip the long wait at the DMV? If you have a Handicap application signed by your Doctor, don’t waste your time standing in line. Walk in today, and we’ll expedite the process of getting your Handicap Placards or Plates with the DMV. Let’s make things easier for you – step in and step out hassle-free!

Not only do we offer a wide array of services including Dealership Titles/Registration, International Transfers, Repossessions, Out of State Transfers, Registration Renewals, Duplicate Stickers, Lost/Stolen Plates, Personalized Plates, Handicap Placards, Temporary Moving Permits, and Notary Public, but we also strive to ensure that each client receives unparalleled assistance tailored to their specific needs. Our dedicated team is committed to providing efficient and reliable solutions, making us your trusted partner for all your vehicle documentation and licensing requirements.

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“I purchased my car from a dealership here in Las Vegas, walked in to 702 with my EDRS on Tuesday, and received a text that my plates were ready for pickup on Thursday.”

– Jessica Brown

“Needed a duplicate Title to sell my car, so I walked in and was able to expedite the process and my Title was literally at my front door, like 4 days after paying for everything!”

– Chris Newman

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